Alumni Update #6

Newest Chapter Advisor Appointed;

Bell Hoy, Chapter Advisor

Bell Hoy Takes Charge of

Mu’s Active Chapter

Appointed by Ryan Temby, Grand Praetor OH Southern Ohio Chapters and former Mu Chapter Advisor (2009-11), Bell Hoy is quickly taking an active role with members of the Active Chapter.  

(See Bell Hoy’s background below).

Brother Hoy is finding that he has plenty to do following the past two Advisors who served Mu Chapter during what might be described as somewhat "hands-off" period owing to conflicting job responsibilities held by Liam Stranahan (Beloit ’07) and Todd Robinson (Ohio Weselyn ’93), respectively.

In announcing Hoy’s appointment to replace Robinson, Grand Praetor Ryan referred to Todd Robinson’s contributions despite his Active Duty military status in the USAF; “Todd has brought his many talents to bear for more than a year and we will miss him. A big thank you to him for his dedication to Mu Chapter. We wish him every success on his new deployment with our nation’s defenses.

Bell has hit the road quickly, tackling such duties as included within the position of Chapter Advisor as specifiec by the General Fraternty:

  • Hold every undergraduate chapter member accountable to the values of Sigma Chi;
  • Provide general assistance and guidance for chapter programs and operations;
  • Attend weekly chapter meetings on a regular basis (or as necessary);
  • Meet regularly with the chapter's Consul and Executive Committee (or as necessary);
  • Be readily available to the chapter's members via telephone and email;
  • Facilitate annual officer transition and brotherhood retreats;
  • Have a working knowledge of the Ritual, Constitution and General Fraternity policies and procedures;
  • Facilitate strategic planning (e.g., risk management) and ensure that plans are implemented by the chapter;
  • Ensure that chapter goals and deadlines are met on a timely basis.

Numerous other duties involve attending to requirements for the Peterson Significant Chapter Award and a variety of specific communications needs given the special circumstances facing Mu Chapter. Among them:

  • Coordination with Bill Mason ‘57, who, due to his on-site presence as House Manager and coordinator with Denison University’s Administration, principal Sig House tenant, has day-to-day contact with members of the Active Chapter.
  • Coordination with the Housemother, Connie Purtell, on the condition day-to-day of the Sig House;
  • Coordination with the Mu Chapter Alumni Association on the priorities and operation of the Sigma Chi House as a dual-use facility (rented 2nd & 3rd floor spaces used by Denison and main floor & basement used by the Active Chapter.


Introducing Mu’s New Chapter Advisor, Bell Hoy:

Pepperdine University
Graduated 2010
Studied Integrated Marketing Communications
Pepperdine University
Kappa Omicron 
Pledge Class 2006
Historian & Philanthropy chair

A little bit about me: I'm excited and honored to have the position of chapter advisor for Mu. I look forward to getting the know and lead the active chapter. In my short time as advisor I've seen and learned about the history of the chapter and the house and it's evident that the actives and alumni are very proud of what they've built. I'm excited to work with the undergraduate chapter and immerse my experiences and insights as an active and now advisor, to promote the RBCs of the fraternity. I'm a big Crossfit junkie, so my time is spent, eating & training. When I'm not Crossfitting, I spend time checking out new restaurants and exploring the globe.

Bell Hoy


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