Mu Chapter Update #4

Sig House (10-2-14)The legacy lives on!

   Keeping up with an 84 year old House requires constant attention which our Alumni Association leadership has taken seriously.  

   Each spring a program is outlined for summer vacation completion and it's reassuring to announce all updates have been completed as planned.

   Extensive painting including many of the offices on the second and third floors (now rented by Denison for office space) provides a new sheen and clean image.Sig House 2nd Floor

   Outside painting was conducted by the nationally syndicated Student Painters organization that hires college students to run their own summer business venture.

   Interior painting also included the third floor (formerly the sleeping dorm, now occupied by Denison's Investment Offices also rented by the University) with a new two-tone paint scheme that provides a new look and warm feeling to frequent visitors and office holders.Former 3rd Floor Sleeping Dorm

   Basement recreation room upgrades, mostly for cosmetic effect, included the addition of new heavyduty ping-pong tables. Sig House Basement (10-2-14)

   Vinyl pads were added to the back basement stairs, plus all the existing 7 landings were covered with the same vinyl/rubber material, increasing the safety of the back entrance used by office-holders.

   A number of electrical upgrades/repairs were also completed including an exterior outlet at the rear of the House and doorbells at the front and rear entrances programmed to ring in both the basement recreation room and Housemother's apartment.

   Bill Mason '57 Tends Historic ClockMany historic fixtures of the Sig House are prized featuresone holding special prominence, the grandfather clocka gift from the Class of 1917 that was restored by Pete Ullman '50 and keeps perfect time. Bill Mason '57 performs the weekly winding ritual to ensure that it does! 

  Of course, in any 84 year old Home, unexpected emergencies are not a rarity and this summer was no exception!  Right after painting the Housemother's apartment bathroom we detected a mysterious dampness on one wall.  The wall became so moist an inspection hole was cut through the ceiling that revealed the wetness not only had been present for years, but that it had produced black mold making it necessary to cut away more ceiling and eventually two walls. A leak in a union of copper pipe most likely had been there since the renovation back in 1999-2000. It had taken all these years for the drip to saturate the area and finally appear in the Housemother's bathroom.

   Such is the daily plight of maintaining an antique mansion, but what a beautiful tribute to the past and bright beacon for the future!  Our Old Home on the Hill remains a focal point on the Campus landscape and stands as a symbol to our resolve to keep fraternity life fulfilled even in a non residential atmosphere.  

   That's why we all have good reason to stand tall and be proud!

- Bill Mason '57

Other Sig House scenes include:

Sig House front door    

Historic Registry Plaque

Sig House Front Stairs

   Refurbished Front Stairs.


Sig House Front Hall

   Sig House Front Hall, looking into Dining Room, showing guest-book table and portrait of William P. Huffman '11, Grand Counsel of Sigma Chi Fraternity.

Sig House Brigham Wentis Memory Room

   Brigham-Wentis Memorial Room and Active Chapter Study/Computer Room

Woody Hayes Varsity Sweater

   Woody Hayes '35 Memory Room, with Woody's Varsity "D" Sweater.

Woody Hayes Memory Room

   Woody Hayes Memory Room Display

Sig House Living Room Fireplace

   Sig House Living Room and Fireplace... photo spot for many group and individual pictures.


Sig House Living Room

   Sig House Living Room... IFC meeting in session; one of many groups using the Sig House.

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