Mu Chapter Update #3

Third in a series of updates about Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity:
The Active Chapter at Denison and Mu Chapter Alumni... Published by
Mu Chapter Alumni Association.

2015 Recipient of Life Loyal Sig Award, Drew Newman '15

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Active Chapter Status... by Will Koontz, Consul

Will Koontz, Consul

Mu Chapter has come through a period of testing... neither bloodied nor bowed. But having learned some important lessons about fraternity life.

Denison's belief that Mu Chapter Actives had engaged in hazing activity in 2013 led them to place the Chapter on suspension, requiring us to perform specified tasks during a probationary period -- a ground-up revialization.

After revitalization efforts of the 2013-2014 academic year, the men of Mu Chapter were successful in returning the house to full, active status; in good standing with the University. This was a long, difficult road that took a lot of perseverance and dedication to reach. Initially, when DU's sanctions

Consul Will Koontz '15

were handed down, they seemed mundane, and ineffective. They were tasks required by the University with intentions of realigning the brothers closer to our avowed rituals, while at the same time removing the hazing culture from our Fraternity. I admit, though they seemed ineffective at first, the results were quite the opposite.

As the school year went on and the sanctions were completed, there was a renewed buzz around the chapter that told me that a change in attitude had slowly started to emerge. For the first time since I had been there, brothers stepped up to help out in various ways, and everyone was a lot more involved.

Elections for positions took longer than ever before because guys all around the house wanted to hold various positions. Chapter meetings were lengthier because there has been a lot more to plan and discuss.

The underlying result of all this was a renewed reputation of the men of Mu. Though it may have been the result of history, Mu chapter was not necessarily positively recognized around campus. Women viewed us as arrogant and rude, other organizations around campus were hesitant to hold events in connection with us, and the administration felt they had to keep close watch on our behavior.

However, after this revitalization stage and the efforts that were made, not just by the under-graduates, but by all the people involved with the Mu chapter (Thank you Alumni!), these negative associations virtually dissolved. Now, women feel welcome and respected when in our presence, socially or academically... organizations (Greek and non-Greek) are extremely anxious to work in collaboration with us... and the administration is extremely pleased with the status of our Chapter and the positive initiatives of undergraduate members.

All in all, though the start to the year was very rough, and many of us were not necessarily sure in what direction the Chapter was headed... or if there would even be a Chapter... by the end of the year we felt reassured that, having come through this period of testing, we were stronger and had a genuine commitment to each other, our Chapter and our Fraternity.

Randall-Bodman Receives 2014 Life Loyal Sig Award

Caleb Randall-Bodman, past Mu Chapter Consul and graduating Senior, was honored at the final Chapter Meeting of the academic year as the 2014 recipient of the Richard C. Harman '35 Life Loyal Sig Award. Presentation took place on May 4th in the Sig House at Denison.

2014LifeLoyalSig Awd

Caleb Randall-Bodman '14 Named Life Loyal Sig Award
Recipient; Presented by Steve Harman '62

The award, named in memory of Richard C. Harman ’35, a Denison Alumni Citation recipient and member of Sigma Chi’s prestigious Order of Constantine, is known as the “Life Loyal Sig Award.” This award was introduced in 2012. Caleb is the second recipient.

Criteria for the award is the “Jordan Standard,” a statement of Fraternity values set down by one of its founders (Isaac M. Jordan) that states that a Sigma Chi member should be…

A man of good character, a student of fair ability, with ambitious purposes, a congenial disposition, possessed of good morals, having a high sense of honor, and a deep sense of personal responsibility.

Caleb was the unanimous choice to receive this award in voting by chapter members, having distinguished himself as one who embodied the values of the Jordan Standard and one whose leadership during Mu Chapter's suspension and rebuilding period was indespensible.

Along with this recognition by his peers, Caleb's designation as “Life Loyal Sig” provides lifetime membership in Sigma Chi, a lifetime subscription to the Magazine of Sigma Chi, and having his name engraved onto the perpetual plaque on display in the Sig House, showing that he is one of Mu Chapter's leaders -- recipient of the Richard C. Harman '35 Life Loyal Sig Award.


Huge Turnout By Class of '64 Marks Big Reunion

More than 50% of all the living members of the 1964 Mu Chapter Class came to their fiftieth Denison Reunion and were recognized at the Sig House on May 31st as being "Fifty Year Sigs" -- receiving 50-Year Sig pins and accompanying certificates.

"This is the largest turnout by any Denison fraternity on record," according to Gary Zywotko '64, who can take rightful credit for 'rallying the troops' for the occasion.

50-Yr Sigs_Class of '64
Class of 1964
Front Row (l-r): Bob Ottesen, Jeff Chapple, Gary Zywotko, Tony Hall(1)
Back Row: Nick Zimmer, Don Bryant(1)(2), Pete Edwards, John Lowenberg(1), Tom Christiansen, Hugh Fullerton, George Arbeiter, Bob Henninger.

(1) Denotes 2014 Recipient of Denison Citation (See AlumNotes)
(2) Denotes Class of 1964 Mu Chapter Social Member (Mu Sigs of this class have commenced the 'Non-Student Initiation' process with the General Fraternity that will result in gaining Don Bryant membership into Sigma Chi).

'Suprise Guest' Greets Fifty-Year Sigs

50-Yr. pins & certificates had been presented by Alumni Association President, Dean Weaver '89 and Will Koontz '15... Will was just finishing up with his "state-of-the-chapter" spiel to the nearly 30 alums filling the Sig House dining room... when who should stroll into our midst but Denison's new President, Adam Weinberg!

How cool is that!

Relatively short in stature, but one who casts a very large shadow, Dr. Weinberg took this occasion to demonstrate just that! After congratulating the 50-Year Sigs, he proceeded to give an impromptu tale of Mu Chapter's turnabout... nicely paraphrasing and not once contradicting what Will had just told the group. Talk about your 'slam dunk'he said that he stood in admiration of what the Active Chapter had accomplished... that he expected great things from the Chapter next year... and that he was fully in support of Greek life at Denison.

Sig House Dining Room Guest Speaks


Above: Dr. Adam Weinberg speaks to 50-yr Sigs and Alums on May 31st as Mu Chapt. Alumni Assn. President, Dean Weaver '89, and Consul, Will Koontz '15, look on.
Below: 50-Yr. Sigs from the Class of 1964 and Alums of other classes spark to words of encouragement from Denison's President, Dr. Adam Weinberg.
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