Lt. Gary D. Hopps '60 Memorial Service


On Sunday, September 30, 2012, Mu Chapter followed through on a very important piece of unfinished business.

On this day, Brother Gary D. Hopps '60 received heartfelt tributes from his Chapter and friends for heroic service to the United States and for the indelible mark his too-short life made on his fraternity and a grateful nation.

A page in the Chapter Eternal section provides details of Gary's life and service.

Gary Hopps Memorial Service

Gary Hopps' Mu Chapter Brothers & Classmates
(L-R) Kirk Brandon '60, Al Larimer '61, Don Gurney '59, Sandy Thomson '59  [vignette on table is memorial plaque and photos, and white roses from White Rose Ceremony], Dick Dusterberg '60, Ed Starinchak '58, Ed Frey '60.

Noting in the service that he led, Kirk Brandon said, "It's never too late to do the right thing." Kirk went on to explain that, although nearly 47 years had passed since, as a US Navy pilot, Gary's plane was shot down over North Vietnam, he first was classified only as "missing" and his MIA status did not change for many years. Sometime later, although his remains never were recovered, the US Navy changed his status to KIA. By then, regrettably, Gary's Mu-Sig Brothers had moved on to careers and families and simply lost track of the process... although many Brothers since have reported searching for and finding the "Lt. Gary Hopps" inscription on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C.

So, "doing the right thing" was the very much the order of the day on that Memorial Service Sunday... held in the Sig House, a place Gary once called home.

The service brought together a broad representation of Gary's family, the Denison community, friends from both his childhood and Navy Flight School days, and his FraternityBrothers when he was a student; Brothers as current Active Chapter members. Among many moving remembrances, a dramataic centerpiece of the service was the ritual of the White Rose Ceremony in which 27 Sigma Chi Actives each, as a sign of deep respect for a lost Brother, placed a single white rose on the table in front of the handsome memorial plaque (now hanging in the Sig House Memory Room on permanent display). 

Attending the service and receiving special recognition were Denison's president and two DU vice presidents. Others traveled considerable distances to bear witness: Lt. Hopps' neice from San Diego (one of only two living relatives), Gary's former grade school buddy from New York, a fellow military pilot who trained with Gary at the same flight school together and played on the same military football team. A commemorative plaque was presented. Retired Denison Athletic Director and retired U.S. Navy Captain, Ted Barclay, detailed Gary's Naval history. A military trumpeter played Taps. And the moving White Rose Ceremony concluded the service... all transporting the more than 60 persons there to a deeper spiritual bond in memory of the man, Lt. Gary Hopps, our Mu-Sig Brother.

Altogether, the service provided a truly moving tributeboth for the measure of a man and the measure of the brotherhood that rose up to celebrate a life so honorably lived and sacrificed.


Richard C. Harman '35 Life Loyal Sig Award

DU ‘12 Grad Is First To Receive New Leadership Recognition

William Remington "Remy" Mooney, who would graduate from Denison that afternoon in the Class of 2012, was recognized by members of the Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi at Denison as the active member who best represented those qualities of character and leadership that have guided the Fraternity for 150+ years.

The presentation took place on May 13 in the Sig House at Denison during the pre-graduation breakfast held for Sigma Chi seniors and their families.

Remy Mooney receives R.C. Harman LLS RecognitionThe award, named in memory of Richard C. Harman ’35, a Denison Alumni Citation recipient and member of Sigma Chi’s prestigious Order of Constantine, is known as the “Life Loyal Sig Award.” This award was introduced in 2012 and its first recipient is Remy Mooney, shown at left receiving the Life Loyal Sig badge from Steve Harman '62 on behalf of the Richard C. Harman family.

Criteria for the award is the “Jordan Standard,” a statement of Fraternity values set down by one of its founders (Isaac M. Jordan) that states that a Sigma Chi member should be…

A man of good character, a student of fair ability, with ambitious purposes, a congenial disposition, possessed of good morals, having a high sense of honor, and a deep sense of personal responsibility.

Mooney was the unanimous choice to receive this award in voting by chapter members, having distinguished himself as one who embodied the values of the Jordan Standard and who had excelled in every leadership role he had held in the chapter over 3+ years.

In addition to this recognition from his peers, he also received a special designation – known as “Life Loyal Sig” – that provides lifetime membership with a lifetime subscription to the Magazine of Sigma Chi.

The name "Remy Mooney" is engraved onto the perpetual plaque on display in the Sig House, showing that he is the first recipient of the Richard C. Harman '35 Life Loyal Sig Award.

... From Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity

September 17, 2011 - Denison Sig House

Team of Mu Sigs and Area Sigma Chis hold planning meeting. Discussed were a number of key matters related to the new academic year for the Active Chapter, Foundation matters, and the current and future relationship with Denison.

Read More: 2011 Planning Meeting -- Mu Sig and Area Sigma Chi Alums

June 4, 2011 - Denison Sig House

Mu Sigs at Triple-50th DU Reunion. Sigma Chis from the classes of 1960, '61, and '62 attending luncheon at Sig House received their 50-year pins.

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Alumni Team Meeting Sept 17

A key group of Mu Chapter, other Sigma Chi alumni, and key administrative staff convened at the Sig House on Saturday, September 17 to discuss a number of key matters related to the new academic year for the Active Chapter, Foundation initiatives, and the current and future relationship with Denison.

Planning Team Members (L-R): Ryan Temby (Rutgers '90), Bill Mason '57, Sandy Thomson '59, Rich Hronek (Kent State '69, Grand Trustee for Ohio Chapters), Pete Ullman '50, Carolyn Mugavin (Housemother), Steve Harman '62, Ben Harris (Purdue '04). Missing from photo: Donna Tegtmeyer (Foundation Administrator). Unable to attend meeting: Dick Dusterberg '60 and Scott Hettesheimer (Cincinnati '78, Grand Praetor).

Active Chapter - Chapter Advisor
The Chapter Advisor position for the 2011-2012 academic year will be held by Ryan Temby, Rutgers '90 Sigma Chi living in the Columbus area, who already has met on several occasions with Chapter Officers and has attended Chapter meetings. Ryan will be assisted by Ben Harris, Purdue '04 Sigma Chi living in Cincinnati, who will support Ryan's efforts as needed.

Active Chapter - 2011 Fall Recruitment
Grand Trustee, Rich Hronek, Kent State '69, will draw upon resources of the General Fraternity to assist Ryan Temby and Active Chapter officers in training members for fraternity rush and pledging.

Foundation - Websites and Communications
A review of both the Active Chapter website ( and Alumni website ( identified areas needing improvement. More extensive use of social media such as Facebook will be investigated as a way to upgrade Active Chapter communications.

Foundation - Mu Chapter Financials
Proposals were considered for satisfying certain standing obligations of the Active Chapter to the General Fraternity. An approach pending agreement by all parties envisions that the Foundation will assist the Active Chapter in satisfying these obligations within the next 12 months.

Mason '57 is Constantine Sig

June 4, 2011 - Denison Sig House
William R. Mason, Jr., '57, selected as Mu Chapter's newest Constantine Sig, joins nine previous Mu Chapter recipients of the Order that recognizes brothers who, by their outstanding leadership, bring honor and distinction to Sigma Chi.

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