How to Contribute

View a printable Mu Sig Pledge Form (Adobe PDF 140kb), or contact Sandy Thomson, Mu '59 to discuss your commitment. Direct your inquiries and questions to Sandy at P.O. Box 415, Granville, Ohio 43023 or email your request for Sandy to contact you directly via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Purchase a Golden Plaque
The Golden Plaque Program was introduced late last year to endow study rooms in the Sig House. Through a commitment by individuals or class, a Golden Plaque can be sponsored and paid for over a six-year period with combined pledges of $3,000. Sponsors can specify the room door upon which the plaque is mounted as a momento of college days.

Annual Pledge payments made to the Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi Foundation qualifies as a charitable donation for Federal income tax purposes.


Contribute the Gift of Stock
There are various ways to contribute to Mu Sig Pride at Denison. Among the advantageous ways is A Gift of Stock. View a printable Guide of Giving Corporate Stock (Adobe PDF 32kb). By giving securities to the foundation you receive a charitable tax deduction for the entire value of the gift, as of the date of the transfer, and avoid capital tax gains on any increase in value of the securities.

WHEN STOCK CERTIFICATES ARE HELD IN A BROKER OR TRUST ACCOUNT: 1. Direct your broker or trust department by telephone to transfer the securities you select to the account of the Mu Chapter of Sigma Chi Foundation, Inc., Fifth Third Securities, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio. Direct them to transfer the securities on the day of your call. The number of the Foundation's account at Fifth Third Securities, Inc. is 011-103870. Tell your broker the securities can be delivered free to Fifth Third Securities, Inc. via Deposit Trust Corporation number 632.

2. Ask the broker or trust department to send you a confirmation showing the transaction was made the day you gave them directions.

3. Confirm your order in writing. Send your confirming order to your broker or trust department on the day of your call.

4. On the same day of the transaction, let the Foundation know of your gift by notifying Sandy Thomson, Mu '59, Foundation President, by mailing him a copy of your confirming order to P.O. Box 415, Granville, Ohio 43023.

5. Also notify the Foundation's broker, Fifth Third Securities of your gift by calling Kate Mills toll free at 1.888.889.1025.

1. Deliver your certificates to your broker, banker or transfer agent. Certificates should not be endorsed until they are delivered in person or by secure transfer.

2. Follow steps #1, #4, and #5 above.

Note: As with any financial decision, please consult your financial and tax advisor to determine tax benefits.


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