Mu Sig Leaders

Order of Constantine
The Order of Constantine is Sigma Chi Fraternity's highest honor for long and distinguished service within the Fraternity.

Significant Sig Award
Significant Sigs are recognized for individual achievements in their field of endeavor that have brought honor and distinction to Sigma Chi Fraternity. The award is based primarily on an individual's occupation but the award also honors civic, charitable, and volunteer service.

Order of Constantine Significant Sig Award

Year: Leaders: Year:
William P. Huffman 1911 Edward L. Stockdale 1908
Robert M. Collett 1914 William P. Huffman 1911
Henry S. Stout 1915 Donald C. Power 1922
Sidney Jenkins 1918 Bertram L. Snyder 1933
Paul H. Kaufman 1922 W. Woodrow Hayes 1935
Jack N. Meeks 1927 Robert W. Amos 1935
Richard C. Harman 1935 George H. Norton, Jr. 1935
John D. Tegtmeyer 1956 Walter E Bartlett 1948
William R. Mason, Jr. 1957 David L. Niland 1952
Alexander "Sandy" Thomson 1959 William G. Bowen 1955
William Y. Giles 1956
David G. Brown 1958
Tony P. Hall 1964
David B. Waller 1970
David G. Crouse 1977

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