Jack M. Brigham '42

Jack Brigham '42Jack Brigham who was born in Illinois and a longtime resident of Hendersonville, NC, entered the Chapter Eternal on June 22, 1998. He was 78 years old.

Initiated into Sigma Chi in 1939, Jack later became a Life Loyal Sig. He enlisted in the U.S. Marines and, during WWII, served honorably with close friend and Mu Sig, Bernie Wentis ’44, who, barely a week earlier than Brother Brigham, also entered the Chapter Eternal.

Following their deaths, Bob “Brig” Brigham ’45 (Jack's sibling) and Bernie Wentis’ widow, Cynthia, sparked an effort among Mu Sigs of the 1940-46 era to restore and dedicate the Sig House Memory Room in Jack's and Bernie's honor. Their effort resulted in drawing together fourteen Mu Sigs who had served in WWII who raised funds needed for the memory room project.

The Brigham-Wentis Memory Room, now located on the first floor of the Sig House just off the dining room, features memorabilia, awards and the Mu-Sig leaders who achieved them.

Notably, the effort to create the Brigham-Wentis Memory Room was spearheaded by John Loehnert ’44 and served as a major catalyst for the Quest 2000 Campaign to Restore Mu Sig Pride that ultimately led to the top-to-bottom historic restoration of the beautiful Sigma Chi Chapter House at Denison.

Following his military service, Jack pursued a management career in the printing and publishing industry.

All honor to his name.

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